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Urban Grit & Casual Sophistication

Urban Streetwear Apparel Store in Washington, DC

Welcome to So Eager based in Washington, DC! As a female entrepreneur with a unique vision and story, I found my passion and inspiration in music, art, and community. My goal of empowering individuals through messaging, along with my assortment of urban streetwear clothing, has captivated an audience of young professionals who strive to live an exciting and striving lifestyle.

My Southeast-based apparel company strives to create products t... Read more

Elevate Through Apparel

I constantly strive to empower others by providing them with the resources and opportunities that enable personal growth and the acquisition of "diverse themes of legacy and advancement. I firmly believe that everyone has the potential to achieve their goals, whatever they may be, and my clothing line is designed to help them along their journey.

Whether you're looking to acquire more professional exposure, embrace your identity and passions... Read more

Embrace Urban Culture

At So Eager, I understand that urban culture is integral to personal development, providing a platform for individuals to explore their creative sides and express themselves. I strive to provide unique, high-quality apparel that celebrates the gritty roots of urban culture, allowing our customers to embody their inner urban swag.

One of the key values of my brand is a commitment to cultivating a legacy. I seek to create engaging stories that ... Read more



I became a small business owner to leverage the power of branding and artistry to generate capital and diversify the market share of urban culture revenue. My goal is to develop a scalable business that integrates service and community impact into a for-profit entity.

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