Biggest To Date

My biggest accomplishment to date is the growing progress of building and developing a new entity that resonates increasingly with market audiences. I have engaged in market testing to evaluate receptiveness and viability, with increasingly positive interest and feedback.

The Process

I’m proud to embrace the process upon which I have embarked. It has been replete with attempts, revisions and recognitions. Those recognitions have been informed by raw market observation, and also recognizing instances of relatability between my experience and general guidance, as well as implementability of specific guidance.


Building a business is diverse in the scope, breadth and uniqueness of its challenges. Every experience differs with common threads. I’m greatly proud of the progress that has been spurred by insights and guidance from seminars and input, as well as recognition of the applicability of tips, tools, and techniques that are industry standard.

Trial & Error

Much of venturing is trial and error. Great innovation and creativity grow from error and effort.


There have been times where I didn’t have prior awareness of certain principles and practices, that when implemented greatly elevated my progress and understanding. That progress and understanding rooted my experience in defined principles and patterns. It also exemplifies the efficiency of having know-how, to reduce errors, and reduce misguided or unguided trial and error.


I am most proud to have tried, to have created, to have recognized and learned, and to have progressed despite several real and potential challenges.


Unique, Authentic, Diverse

So Eager seeks to empower rising professionals to reflect their unique and authentic selves in a diverse fashion.

Individuals striving to make a new legacy through their story and identity, often face unique or diverse challenges.

Aspiring professionals sometimes lack representation and interactions that affirm or support their unique or diverse identity.

Legacy, Stories/Insight, Identity

We develop clothing products that utilize the power in legacy, culturally dense insight, and identity expressions, to inspire, support and affirm, through the story and identity of relatable and actionable legacies.

The brand promotes ownership of identity, acknowledgment of life stories/insights, and highlighting the contribution of identity and stories to new legacy.


The apparel offers affirmation of identity and experience, by reflecting diverse and positive affirmations of growth and success.


This brand seeks to transcend generic roles or accolades, or surface level affirmations of identity or potential, by capturing the breadth of life and opportunity, and the escalating paths that bear fruit in route to our destinations, reflected in everyday pursuits for excellence through values.

This urbanwear seeks to embody the story of seeking your own legacy in a deeply grass roots, intrinsic, and relatable manner, and serve an aspiring audience in a manner that resonates with their notions of owning who, and starting from where, you are, acknowledging who and what you want to become, and bridging and connecting the critical elements of the story of the journey.

We use linguistic and visual designs to adorn clothing in a way that identifies, informs, & inspires, identity, stories of the way, and legacy, in a unique, authentic, and diverse fashion.