Tiera Fletcher
Founder / Owner / Designer

The Start

I became a small business owner to develop a scalable business that integrates service and community impact into a for-profit entity.

So Eager originally expanded into merchandising as a music artist. As a budding musician, I learned early that artists gain more revenue from other business enterprises than the music itself, such as merchandising. As a very new artist, I branched into merchandising and decided that I didn’t want to just sell merchandise. Rather, I wanted to develop a brand name and entity that had scalable value and potential, as scalable businesses yield more growth and revenue potential. I then began cultivating a brand vision based upon my interests in community service, cultivating legacy, and inspiring confidence in unique, diverse stories and identities.


I have continually aspired to utilize the tools and knowledge that I have attained in life and education to empower others to acquire more breadth of exposure or opportunity and seek their own journey of advancement.


Through the incorporation of relatable legacies, stories, and presentations of identity into the brand, So Eager empowers individuals who may otherwise lack the exposure and opportunity to access certain affirming themes of legacy success or advancement. So Eager delivers relatable presentations of diverse excellence through fashion themes and embodies the nexus between urban culture and advancement. We represent the diversity of culture and success through our attire. So Eager increases representation through fashion.


My business name, So Eager, originated from my artist name, Queen So Eager.

Queen So Eager is a moniker that I developed as a musician in the rap genre. It stems from the acronym QSE. QSE is a reversal of the abbreviation ESQ.

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